Customer Satisfaction

Developing for our customers functional, ergonomic, environmentalist products being sensitive to human health by virtue of continuous research and development, and offering products, services and solutions likely to meet the customers’ expectations in terms of quality, safety and environmental consciousness;

Offering our products and services in due time and at conditions promised by us;

Increasing and thus continuously improving our process for handling and responding to customer complaints in order to develop our products and customer services quality constantly at our operations;

Keeping effectively under control and thus resolving any complaints made by our customers by ensuring the continuance of feedbacks;

Establishing a customer-focused environment and thus increasing customer satisfaction constantly;

Recording and analyzing requests, demands and critiques of our customers, and improving our product and service quality accordingly;

Perpetuating our reliability as a company in the eyes of our customers.

We hereby announce that we have adopted these ideas as basic principles of our Customer Satisfaction Policy and commit that we will altogether and with all our strengths endeavor to consider these principles in every step we take.