Message from the President

In a world that changes and globalizes more and more with every day, the new and invisible balances of venture are enthusiasm, endurance, resolution, leadership and marketing talent. Ventures resulting in great success have a common quality: all of them allocate a great share for research and development, direct their finance resources accurately, embody firm experts dominating the market within their corporate structure and show due consideration to human resources. Therefore, directing the entrepreneurial spirit that we carry within us and its delicate balances accurately plays an immense role in AKTAŞ BANT's rapid growth and actual accomplishments.

Besides investments in machines made by virtue of pursuing state-of-the-art developments, the fact that it made a point of investing also in human resources rendering all these technologies meaningful contributed greatly. AKTAŞ BANT has succeeded to project its corporate identity on its target group ideally by combining its customer satisfaction oriented service concept with sectoral knowledge and experience thanks to its educated and talented management staff and experienced employees.

Sincerely yours,
The Board of Directors of AKTAŞ BANT A.Ş.